Kaspersky labs anti virus clearswift updating

"The level of virus writers is increasingly falling," says self-styled virus designer, Whale."There are ten to 20 really interesting viruses per year. Mungkin kata-kata itu meluncur dari mulut anda begitu mendengar antivirus untuk linux. Atau contoh kasus lain, anda bisa memasang anti virus for linux di server sharing anda. Atau misalnya pada Mail Server, bisa juga di terapkan. Jadi jangan sepelekan produk anti virus untuk Linux :).

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Ketika banyak client berbasis Window$ terkena virus, anda bisa membantu men-scan kan? Berikut ini beberapa Vendor Anti Virus yang bisa di install pada linux.For aesthetic reasons, the name was changed to Avira.Avira's engine has been licensed to Ashampoo antivirus, Ad-Aware, and Webroot Web Washer.When his squadron is paraded in front of the head honcho who asks for a single volunteer to take a step forward to run a mission into enemy territory that will almost certainly end in death, everyone else in the line takes one step back and this poor schmuck is the only one who didn't think of doing that and is sent into the battle.The server-based products in this case are those that scan both incoming and outgoing e-mail messages for an organisation.

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