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The google oauth playground is a great tool for testing the back and forth dialogs involved in development against any of the gdata apis ( including picasa )...

When Google launched the new Google Photos web application, it was clear that something had to happen to Picasa as Photos was Google's new focus and Picasa would have to go eventually.Google plans to provide access to a read-only version of Picasa Web Albums for users who want access to these features.This allows Picasa users to view, download or delete content.In the meantime wireless home networks became more robust, so instead of redundant chaos, the next best option was maintaining once central Picasa home-base, and accessing it from other computers via the network.This could quite easily be done by mapping the main computer’s drive as a network drive, say P: (for Photos or Picasa), setting Picasa on all the satellite computers to forget the local Pictures folders and only scan the new P: drive.

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