Win xp keeps rebooting after updating Chat sexual gratuitement

Event properties screenshot: Details page from same event: Screenshot and the details kind of implies that, windows is really thinking that this is the correct time and feel the need to update it.

Although no windows service is activated to authorize this. The problem was apparently not Windows or any other software trying to update the time.

It is an important upgrade and should be installed on all Windows XP computers.

The same is true for Service Pack 3 (SP3), which appeared on 2008-05-06.

However, due to the general tightening of security, there is the potential that some security measures interfere with special functions you had been using on your computer, and you may have to loosen some security settings accordingly.

Given the complexity of some Windows XP installations, there is also always some potential for some other defect to show up.

After reading the system memory dump for an hour I found out Windows was unable to read RTC from motherboard.

After failing to read the RTC state for a while, Windows thinks it is calculating the time wrong and reverts to last know RTC state.

It also affects overall system performance and if you check Task Manager, the process occupies high CPU resources and memory usage.

Table of contents Read this first Can Service Pack 2 be installed on all XP installations?

Ordering the service pack on a CD Preparing for installation Cannot install Windows XP with integrated Service Pack 2 Cannot install Service Pack 2 Boot or shutdown problems after Service Pack 2 installation The Service Pack 2 firewall Networking problems after installing Service Pack 2 NET SEND messages no longer received Computer does not work properly with Service Pack 2 Programs stop working or behave differently with Service Pack 2 Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Removing the uninstall information New and revised documentation Closing remarks, comments This page deals with problems caused or triggered by the installation of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, and this information is also relevant to Service Pack 3.

If I go hit synchronize with Internet time, it updates to the correct time.

I can confirm, this problem does not exist, when I start the windows in Safe Mode. After the boot, I corrected time manually and left the pc running for a couple of hours, and the time was not changed.

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